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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Learn Stiching Saree Blouse

Learn Stiching Saree Blouse

Tutorial: Draft and sew a saree blouse 
continuation part 
Calculation of Center dart width
Chest = 40/4 + 1.5 = 11.5
waist = 36/4 + 1.5 =   10.5  

difference  between chest and waist is 1 inch

therefore the center dart must be of 1 inch wide

Marking of Darts 

  • all the darts should point towards bust/apex point
  • center dart, should be in the middle of shoulder. for example neck is 3 inch wide and shoulder band is 3.5 inch is wide , so the total shoulder is 6.5. mark mid pint on shoulder i.e., 3.2.  Draw stright line towards apex or bust point. 
  • make sure all the darts pointed towdards apex or bust point and there should be one inch differece between start of dart and bust point.
  • on the bracut/patti line mark dart point leaving 3.2inches
  • as calculated above center dart should be of 1 inch wide so, take 0.5 inches on left and right side of  the dart point.
  • remaining darts should be of 0.5 wide and there should 1 inch difference between start of dart point and apex point
  • side and armhole dart mark as per the picutre .
  • back center darts should be of 0.5 to 0.75 inches wide and should point towards apex point.

armpit depth + 1.5 ( desired extra for seam)
rest as mentioned in the picture 

Button Strands

Double patti should be of  2.5 inches wide and of required length

Single patti should be of 1.5 wide and of required length


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