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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

Pavade Long pleated skirt

traditional lehenga cholis, traditional kids clothes,

Measurements Needed
·         Shoulder
·         Chest
·         Waist length
·         Waist
·         Sleeve width

Draft of Bodice
Front and back of the bodice of pavade draft is same except for the neck. It is economical to cut paper drafts and then cut the cloth. Draft should be drawn on 4 fold paper.


Measurement needed for skirt

Length- length from waist to desired length.
Width- width of the skirt depends upon the gathers. 2 to 3½ times the waist measurement is suitable.


Join shoulders. Stitch button stands. Stitch darts (½”)at the places shown in the bodice draft. Stitch armhole and neck with bias binding.

Stitch the sides of the skirt. Attach skirt to bodice distributing the pleats evenly around the waist.